BNNC DG visit Sunamganj at CI4N regions

BNNC DG visit Sunamganj at CI4N regions
29 January, 2019

“Nutrition implementation development plan should start from the Community”, said Dr. Md Shah Nawaz, DG BNNC

Dr. Md Shah Nawaz, Director General, Bangladesh National Nutrition Council (BNNC) under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh visited Sunamganj on 19-21 January 2019 to exchange views with Upazila Nutrition Coordination Committee members and learn about their activities and progress so far. He was leading a team of high government officials, including Dr. AFM Iqbal Kabir, National Consultant, BNNC, Dr. Delwar Hossain, Consultant BNNC, Dr. Nazmus Salehin, Dr. Rezwan Ahmed, Assistant Director, BNNC, Mr. Nezam uddin Biswas and Mr. Zakarai Chowdhury, Consultant, Nutrition International were the part of this field visit

The team visited one of the village of Bishwambarpur in Sunamganj district and observed, the activities of Community Support Group (CSG). The CSG showed how they do their annual action plan, prepare social map, negotiate with relevant departments, union parishad and service providers to address the growing demand on nutrition response. The team headed by DG BNNC was very much enthusiastic to learn about bottom up plan for nutritional improvement. One of the members of the team said that “We actually learned how to plan by community for their own instead of top to bottom approach for planning, the plan reflected a multi-sectoral though they are not aware about that they have done a great job”.

The team also visited the south Badhghat Union Parishad. Members of Union Parishad shared their engagement to nutrition planning, budgeting and implementing the activities in their jurisdiction area. Simultaneously, the second team visited SHOUHARDO III program activities in Tahirpur through its innovative initiative to improve nutrition among the beneficiaries. Visitors showed their huge interest about SHOUHARDO III activities learned how the program successfully involved women in the center of development

Dr. Md Shah Nawaz and his team visited Miarchar Community Clinic and observed nutrition services and the progress of community clinic services against demand from the community.

They also participated in the Upazila Nutrition Coordination Committee meeting at Upazila Parishad auditorium chaired by UNO Mr. Samir Kanti Bishwas. He presented about the progress of UNCC activities. He declared a commitment that, IFA supply for Bishwambapur will be ensured somehow throughout the year.

On the next day, 2nd National plan of Action for Nutrition (NPAN 2) workshop was organized where Dr. Md Shah Nawaz, DG, BNNC was the Chief Guest. District Civil Surgeon, District and sub-district level high officials, CSA for SUN members, UNICEF and CI4N staffs under the leadership of Nazneen Rahman also attended the meeting. It was a lively and useful discussion on nutrition action for Sunamganj.

CARE Bangladesh is leading the Multi-sectoral approach to nutrition in Bangladesh with Government counterpart. Through this field visit with government officials, CARE is ensuring that the approach to multi-sectoral nutrition is proceeding as per plan and timeline.  

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