Johara – Myanmar refugee in Bangladesh

Johara, Myanmar refugee in Bangladesh
29 October, 2017
Johara is 27-years-old.

She currently lives with her husband and children in a makeshift shelter in Balukhali camp in Bangladesh. She is from the western part of Myanmar but fled violence.

She has three children: Monsur who is five-years-old, Satera who is three-years-old and Sajeta who is ten-months-old. She came to the food distribution to collect cooked rice meals distributed by CARE.

Johara’s story in her own words:

“My brother was killed. He was 21-years-old. He was shot by the armed men when they attacked us. Now my surviving brother lives with me too, he is 15-years-old.

I only eat twice a day. I make sure my children get what they need, then I feed myself. This rice is essential, we would not be alive without this.

My children are not coping well with life here. In the humidity, and with the filth, they are suffering from skin infections. They are sick and unhappy all day and night.

Although life here is difficult, it is better than in Myanmar. I feel safer now we have left Myanmar. Bangladesh people are kind to us, and we are happy to be alongside other Muslims”

Interviewed by Kathleen Prior on 29 September 2017. Approved by CARE Bangladesh CD.
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