Poly Rani Biswas, a female driver from CARE Bangladesh wins the prestigious “Joyeeta Award” from the Government of Bangladesh for 2018.

Poly Rani Biswas
06 June, 2018

Poly Rani Biswas, a female driver from CARE Bangladesh, Khulna  has been awarded the prestigious “Joyeeta Award” in the divisional category by the Government of Bangladesh for 2018. “Joyeeta” recognizes women’s extra ordinary contribution in different areas of socio-economic development of Bangladesh.

Poly is being recognized for her remarkable efforts in performing a job that is considered apt for a man and challenging the gender stereotype through her work. This is not the first award for Poly; she received the same award twice in the past.

Poly joined CARE in 2006 after receiving 6 months driving training from CARE. CARE Bangladesh currently employs 13 female drivers. who represent 28% of all drivers employed in the organization. When asked why she enrolled in the training and how she feels after winning the award, Poly said, “There is no alternate to a learning a skill for obtaining financial freedom and self-reliance. I feel blessed that I got the driving training and I am extremely happy that my life long hard work has paid off and I am being recognized for my efforts.”

Poly will be receiving the award on June 24, 2018 in a ceremony organized by the Bangladesh Government which will be held at Khulna.

We extend our heartiest congratulations to Poly and wish her more success in the future.

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