Solima’s family is united after two years in Bangladesh

Solima Begum, 43 yearls old Rohingya Refugee living in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
16 November, 2020

Solima Begum, 43, who fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh about three years ago. She is an active member of Shantikhana* and tries to implement the learning from this center in her daily life. At Shantikhana, she learns about family planning, preventions for COVID-19, hand- washing, natural disaster, human trafficking, self-care, health & nutrition, menstrual hygiene management, polygamy, GBV related issues and much more.

In the camp, Solima lives with her daughter Julekha Begum, 20 and her 6-year-old grandson Ansar Ullah. Solima was separated from her family while travelling to Bangladesh from Myanmar. After living in the camp for almost two years separately, they were united and they all have been living happily in the camps for past one year now.


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