COVID-19 response

With over 1.5 million cases recorded as of November 2021, Bangladesh is the one of the worst COVID-19 affected countries in South Asia.

CARE Bangladesh, through 27 existing and new projects, is providing COVID-19 related support and services across 27 districts in Bangladesh. As of July 2021, over 8.6 million people have been reached where over 4.6+ million are women and girls, with a total of XX+ million people reached in the Rohingya refugee camps. CARE is committed to continue this support in coming days.

CARE Bangladesh interventions for COVID-19 response entail a wide range of activities including support to state-managed national vaccination drive which includes Facilitating, Educating, Protecting and Empowering.

  • CARE is assisting the Govt. of Bangladesh in national vaccination drive by supporting the management of safety items stock, providing resources for the orientation and capacity building of GoB personnel and frontline health workers at national and local levels.
  • Under this modality, CARE assisted the Govt. staff to deliver 201,000+ vaccines and trainings on vaccination protocols.
  • CARE also provided infrastructure and equipment support to selected isolation centers by installing solar power systems, safe drinking water supply and distribution of health and hygiene items including PPE and other medical supplies.
  • CARE Bangladesh opened a 40-bed isolation center in Rohingya Camp 4 Extension at Cox's Bazar on August 1 to treat and support the Rohingya community with mild to severe COVID-19 symptoms.

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