Program Details


Humanitarian and Climate Action

CARE Bangladesh Humanitarian and Climate Action Program serves the organization's mandate to deliver life-saving humanitarian assistance to the people affected by climatic, geophysical, and other disasters and build the resilience of individuals, communities, and systems to deal with the impacts of climate change. With innovation, a market-based approach, and gender equality at the center, the program follows a locally-led but globally-scaled model in its actions, including preparedness and early action, emergency response and recovery, mitigation and adaptation to climate change for sustainable and equitable development.

CARE Bangladesh’s work for humanitarian and climate action program is rooted in the in the principles of i) green innovation, ii) Market-based Approach (MbA), iii) climate resilience and nature positive livelihood practices and energy solutions, iv) Needs & Gap assessment, v) Sustainable, Profitable, Equitable, and Resilient (SuPER) Agriculture vi) climate-resilient homes, infrastructure, and WASH facilities, and vii) Forecast-based Early Action/Anticipatory Action.

Build on the foundation for prevention, preparedness, and adaptation, CARE Bangladesh continues to influence and implement international and national policies and commitments, including the Paris Agreement, Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, and the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda. Alignment with Bangladesh’s Standing Orders on Disaster, National Adaptation Plan, Nationally Determined Contribution, National Plan for Disaster Management, Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan and Bangladesh Delta Plan ensures that CARE work in Bangladesh is time and contextually appropriate.

Our Focus:

  • Promoting Gender Equity
  • Initiating locally-led adaptation (LLA), nature-based solutions (NbS) and green humanitarian assistance
  • Advocating for Loss & Damage, and Just Climate financing
  • Continuous governance and advocacy for emerging issues